Doll (bound_up_doll) wrote in glitterdolls,

i have a make up tutorial LJ lostur_lipgloss  and i just want to put down my favorite products, things i use almost everyday.

Face wash- Coal Face by Lush
Moisturizer- Ultra Light by Lush
Toner- clean and clear
Foundation- Loreal true match C1
Blush- no name sheer pink shimer powder, bobbie brown Sand Pink for under my cheek bones
Eyeshadow- Milani, MAC and Urban Decay, purples, chocolate, silver, gun metal, black, greens. i have every colour from white to black (yellow, red, hot pink, everything)
Lipstick or lipgloss- Rimmel's lipgloss in Snog is a daily go to school lipgloss, almost my lip exact lip colour. i favor Reds and wine colours for pictures and fancy events. Milani has a plum coloured lipstick pencil, which i love.
Eyeliner- Liquid eyeliner by maybelline in Noir
mascara- Rimmel's volumizing mascara

i also fill in my eyebrows with a dark brown matte powder just because i have thin hair all over.

i don't believe in rules when it comes to make up, the more unexpected, the better. as long as it's done well, why be conventional?

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