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Steps to the 10th Picture I posted in the ratings post.

I would demonstrate on my own hair except I haven't had hair in 3 years :-p Actually, before the new cut I could have at least taken pictures of the parts and stuff but now... well, you'll have to settle for my illistration!

Image hosted by

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These are the parts you need to make.

This works best on hair that has not been washed in 24 hours. DO NOT apply anything shine-enducing or detangling before doing it. If you need to wash your hair to stand life :-p then rub a little gel or pompade into your hair for texture.

LIGHT BLUE The lighter blue goes from ear to ear. It's hair than a natural hairline (I know I might be stating the obvious in some places but I personally like VERY clear directions). Pin it out of the way however you like. Just get all the hair as if there is a head band from ear to ear, as I marked. I personally, cannot part hair without a rat tail comb but whatever works for you.


The hair that you would normally pull back in a "some up-some down" pony tail" is going to be divided into 4 sections instead of just taking all that hair and pulling it up. The reason for this is to keep it loose but not too poofy (although poofy top hair IS a trend, I think it would totally fuck this style). In the picture you can see the pink and purple. That's the sections on one side of the main part. If you use a side part, there will be three peice, two PURPLE and one PINK. The variation is very easy to adapt these instructions to accomplish but is a little harder to actually DO.

Collect all the hair that will be in the PINK and PURPLE parts. Pull the hair NOT involved in that back in a loose pony tail at the base of your neck for now.

Part you hair from the LIGHT BLUE part to roughly the back of the crown. You can see how far back the purple goes. The second line of the PURPLE is 1/2 way between the middle part and the ear, dividing that hair evenly. You'll have one on the left side of the part and one on the right.

Twist this hair like you're making a bun and pin it out of the way on either side of the part.

This will be the hair from the top of your ear and half way to the middle of the top of your head, or the hair that is left after you made the PURPLE sections.

Pull the pink up and twist it out of the way.



Basically the hardest part to make. What you want to do is part your hair on a horizontal that runs from ear to ear. This leaves the under most hair completely down and will create another section to pull back. Start about the top of your ears and use a comb to make a part to the same point on the other side. Twist this hair up and out of the way (I like making small buns but whatever works).

Step 1.

Take the hair that is staying down, the section you left behind when you made BLUE PART. Simple brush it and add shine or defrizz or however you would treat your hair normally when down. If you have very straight hair, lightly curl the ends with a curling iron. But you don't want a lot of curl. The semi straightness contrasts the curled up-sctions. I then loosely put it in a pony tail so that I don't get it mixed up w/ the section above it.

Step 2.

Take the BLUE section and secure it the way your want it to be in the middle of the back of your head. I use the little clear plastic bands used for making braids in the largest size. It doesn't much matter though, it will be covered by the next layer. Depending on how well your hair takes curls and your abilities, using hot rollers on this section will probably be necessary. If you have natural curl, you can get away with a round brush and some curl enhancing creme, like Loreals. It's possible to do it with a curling iron also. Basically, this is a really easy step. Get your hair to curl and it should be in a pony tail :-p

Step 3

Take one of the outer top sections (PINK) and gentle slightly twist it at the point where it is close to the crown of your head (see where the PURPLE and PINK meet?).

The fasten it. You can use small decorative clips but I'd still use bobbie pins. I'd also suggest a light styling product of a pomade nature (something white and goopy for holding hair) to keep the twists in place.

Repeat this with each of the top peices. Notice that the parts are barily noticable once it's pulled back. If yours show you pulled it back too hard or twisted too much.

Curl the sections. Again, hot rollers or a curling iron, depending on your skin and hair. I didn't want them to look like distinct "4 seperate peices" so I made sure to mingle the hair from one section into the curl I was makeing with part of the next.

I used more of the little plastic bands used for braiding and then clipped all four sections together with a small clip. You could use a slim peice of ribbon, or simply pin them in place with bobby pins.

Step 4
get someone else (or if you are good at this go ahead) to go over the back with a curling iron and touch things up.

Step 5

Take the LIGHT BLUE section, part it and tuck each side behind one ear. Although the model doesn't apear to have done so, I'd fasten it there as discretely as possible and add a dab of pompade to hold it.

Pull a few stands free for around your face.

Touch up and bangs/fringe hair your have framing your face (that's totally going to depend on your hair cut) with a curling iron if you wish.

Spray your curls in whatever manner you would use to keep your hair curly. Be careful of products relating to shine which tend to make hair loose curl (Pantine is VERY bad about this in general). I use nothing because mine would be set with pomade and shiny from my thermal protector Chi. Oh yeah, I don't do this anymore because I HAVE NO HAIR. :-p

I hope that is moderately helpful and not too confusing.

To summerize, this like pulling part of your hair up (but making that a bit fancier) and then pulling a second section (which could be left out if you have very thin hair or it's short). Everything else is just makeing a basic some-up some-down pony tail hair style fancy.

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