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Eye make up is a very significant subject for me. first of all, this is the only type of make up I apply regularly, and second, I am anything but a pro when it comes to it, and I feel obligated to learn. I’ve seen my friends performing their ritual so easily, but when it comes to my eyes, my lids are way too heavy, I cannot apply eyeliner inside the eye because my eyes are extremely sensitive and every wrong move makes it seem like I am in a middle of a hysterical crying session, and of course, I have to get used to different shades everytime I dye my hair. The reason I am doomed to apply eye make up on a daily basis is my eyelashes. They are rather long, but absolutely blond. So are my eyebrows, but no, not my hair.
When it comes to a mascara, it’s as important as oxygen. I am currently using lancome fleXtencils, it is highly highly recommended, makes your lashed long, dark and absolutely not excessive.
And here is something I found in the latest cosmopolitan(I found a place that sells ‘em cheap), I’d scan it but my scanner is problematic, so I’ll just copy, it’s short.

1.use the deepest hue to define your lash lines.
2.highlight brow bones with the lightest shades.
3.sweep the second palest color all over the lid
4.define the crease with the medium tone.

I personally found it very useful since I own one and keep using one shade at a time

Lise, hope this fits into the spirit you have intended. If not, feel free to delete or remark(insecure me).
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