Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World (champagnegirl) wrote in glitterdolls,
Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World


Jeans and shoes are a major pain in the ass to me. I have several pair of really cute heels to wear with jeans. I found great boho-esque ones at Payless and, of all places, Wal-mart, as well as 579, and small stores like that. But I also do things that I don't want to wear heels.

I hate wearing trainers/sneakers/running shoes (whatever your area of the world/country calls them). If I get ones which aren't plain/simply designed to be functional, it's 150$ and I don't like them enough to pay that. I've gotten more casual tops that I still like but I just cannot seem to find the right shoes.

I do not, I repeat, do NOT wear Chucks. They wouldn't go with my clothing.

Skater-style/flat bottomed shoes?? Seems to me that they are really on their way out if not completely out of style. Otherwise, I'd get plain Adidas with basic side stripes. I also looked at Pac Sun, which is a little sporty for me but, whatever. Idk…

Sun Shoes

The Buckle, a shore I ususually can fall back on for basics in more areas, seems to be infested with cowboy boots, primarily.

up with THAT???

Also, I need non-sneaker casual fairly universal shoes...

I need some staples, you know? I have lots of the "extras" and fun things. I need some things I can wear with a variety of clothing.


1. Ideas for what to wear with my yoga pants and hoodies, jeans and tee-shirts.
2. Ideas for casual shoes that aren't heels that are fairly versatile.
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