Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World (champagnegirl) wrote in glitterdolls,
Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World

Make your own lip gloss (cheap)!

I don't really like to wear lip stick. It just smudges too easily and comes off before the end of whatever event I'm at, and I don't like how it applies. I probably lick my lips or some other fashion faux pas.

Anyway, here are two tips.

Make your own tinted lip gloss.

1. I have small lip gloss "pots", you can buy some or you can just save one from when you run out of a colour.

2. Buy a tub of patrolium jelly. It's cheap and it's in most lip glosses, all chap sticks, and it or something like it is in almost all lip products. Also, I suggest adding Palmers coco butter. It's thinner and it "melts" with the heat of your skin. I like to use a combination.

3. Chop a small chunk of a lip stick color or more than one. Mix into the jelly/butter until you get a tint you like.

It's so incredibly easy but it produces really fabulous lip tints. And you can use cheap lip sticks just so long as you like the color. You can also use liquid eye shadow.
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