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Pros and Cons to Long-lasting lipsticks (also known as semi-perm. colour) and how to make them work

Really Long Lasting Lip stick

If you're pale or if you like lipstick you're probably tried one of the 12-24 hour lip sticks, which instantly dry your lips out even when the nice gloss they come with is applied. Not to mention, they are so drying you reapply the gloss so many times you go through 3 tubes of not cheap gloss to every one tube of lipstick.


1. Brush your dry lips with a dry baby tooth brush. By gentle but vigerous.

2. Line your lips, even if you don't normally, these long lasting lipsticks are slightly harder to apply than any other kind of lip makeup I've used. Then liner just seems to really be a good idea. Covergirl's is the least long last, least drying, and comes with matching liner. It's like outlining in exactly the same colour vs. tradiational lip lining (I almost never use a darker lip liner anyway, unless I was something really dramatic).

3. Dab the color onto your clean and very dry lips in dots rather than applying like you would a normal foam applicator tiped lipstick.

Do the "rub you lip thing.

Touch up anywhere you missed to make sure it's even.

It will look VERY VERY matte and darker than you want.

MAKE SURE you let it dry.

4. Apply a moisterizer and let it absorb for a little bit. I really like coco butter. Top with a lip gloss you really like or semi sheer lipstick. Or if the color works for you, I just apply patrolium jelly like a gloss. It is the strongest moister sealer you can use really. It does have the disadvantage of being slightly sticky but less so than most glosses.

This really will give you at LEAST 8-10 hours of lips stick wear and depending on the brand.

The longer it says it lasts, the more dry it will make your lips feel but it's not like the 18 hour one is WAY WAY worse than the 8 hours kind and the 18 hour ones last 18 hours. Literally, if I apply them at 6:30 AM I will have to scrub them off at 11:30 PM, which is 17 hours and the longest I've worn them. The color will not be AS strong as it was at 6:30 obviously, but that is without color touch ups at all.
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