Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World (champagnegirl) wrote in glitterdolls,
Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World

Black Eye Shadow

Although my camera just flat out sucks (it's not a cheap on either I'm sorry to say), and colors just don't come out well, makeup is something I do really well for the styles I do.

I wear (listing my darkest/base color) an irridscent green that changes to silver and/or blue hues depending on how the light is reflected. I wear teal, navy, and maroon. I wear lots of normal colors like brownish, blue, purple, and rose/pink shades as long as they are cooler pinks. I tried silver and it was ok. Gold actually worked but I don't wear gold. I CANNOT APPLY BLACK.

Visit LimeCrime for some really creative makeup. But anyway, my point is, that I DO NOT apply black eyeshadow well. I have black from Estee Lauder sp? which I just received from my mother. I think it might be that all the colors seem to be much more muted than they are in the case but honestly, I look like I have black eyes.

Anyone have tips and ideal a picture/illistration of how I should apply it? Or is it possible it simple doesn't suit me?
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